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Sockmonkeymoejoe--Sock monkeys with attitude!
A humorous twist on sock monkeys with books, t-shirts,
and our heroes Moe and Joe.


"Moe and Joe's Sock Monkey Guide to Safety" is a twisted, quirky trip down memory lane.  Anyone with a mother (or a kid) will laugh out loud at seeing the circumstances Moe and Joe (and Carl, the stunt monkey) get themselves into as they recount the "things your mom told you not to do."  Let's just say the consequences of not following that advice is rather.......painful (as the stunt monkey will attest).  Filled with actual photos of sock monkey mishaps. 

"Laugh out loud" funny.  Your grandma will giggle.  Your mom and dad will laugh.  You will split a gut.  Your kids will ask you to read it to them.  Honest.

Written by Dina Leonhardt and Matthew Hollister.  Published by Hol-Hardt Press.


Don't run with scissors.


Temporarily out of books!
Coming soon on Amazon Kindle.  
 Price for e-books will be $2.99. 
 They will also be available in Amazon's lending library.

                    Check back soon for hard copies!

Buy Moe and Joe t-shirts, keychains, stamps, and other cool stuff!          
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CONTACT INFO:              
                                                      Dina Leonhardt
                                                      824 W. Park Dr.
                                                      Niles, Mi.  49120
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