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All right. Get a chunk of cheese, pull out your quirky humor, and start
thinking like Moe and Joe.  Come up with a "Monkey Madness Quote of the Week."  Send it to

If we pick it, we'll add it to the home page, with your name emblazoned below it.  Do you win any money?  No.  But you'll win something far more   valuable-- a week of fame and glory on the site of the coolest monkeys on the web! 

Sock Monkey Madness  

 Moe and Joe recently returned from a trip to Rockford, Illinois, for
Midway Museum's annual Sock Monkey Madness Festival.  They went armed with their new book, "Moe & Joe's Sock Monkey Guide to Safety."  They met
new friends and sold a lot of books!  Below are some highlights from the trip.  

     Moe and Joe got to meet                        Moe was honored to speak 
    Nelson, a giant 7-foot sock                      with Nelson.  Joe was just
     monkey.  They kept quiet                          intrigued with his ear hair.
      about Nelson's apparent 
       endocrine problem.


      Moe and Joe got a check-up
      at the sock monkey hospital.
      Joe informed Dr. Morgan, 
     in no uncertain terms, where
       she was NOT allowed to 
       place that thermometer.
                     One of Moe and Joe's
                        flashier cousins, 
                          "Cheap Trick.

 Here we have a little display 
that Joe calls, "Monkeys Under   
Glass."  Moe tried to calculate
the cubic footage of the case,
  to figure out when all the
      poor little monkeys
  would run out of oxygen.
  Moe and Joe didn't catch
   this guy's name, but he 
   looked pretty important.

                                     Moe and Joe were thrilled to meet one of their heroes,
Spockmonkey. Here we catch them in a giddy moment
of repose.  They asked Spockmonkey a question that
that had been burning in their minds for years--
                                               couldn't tribbles have been used as earmuffs?

                      HISTORY OF THE SOCK MONKEY

In 1873, John Nelson developed a knitting machine that produced socks without a seam on the heel.  The work socks were a hit.  Nelson Knitting company (of Rockford, Illinois), found there were so many imitators of "Rockford" socks, that around 1932, they began putting a red heel on their socks to distinguish themselves from the copycats.  Someone figured out 
that the red heel made a great mouth on sock toys.  Sock monkeys were born. 

Around 1951 Nelson Knitting learned that sock monkeys were being made out of their socks.  In 1955 they were awarded the patent and began including instructions for making sock monkeys with every pair of socks.

In 1992 Fox River bought out Nelson knitting and continues the tradition of the red-heel socks today.  And that is very fortunate for us.  Otherwise, Moe and Joe would not be in existence, and that would be a very dark world, indeed. 

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