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Sockmonkeymoejoe--Sock monkeys with attitude! A humorous twist on sock monkeys with books, t-shirts, and our heroes Moe and Joe.

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The Chronicles of the Sock Monkeys



From their beginning as flat, lifeless socks, to their madcap adventures spanning the entire country, county, they are......... Friends For Life. 

  This is their story................

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Sometimes you step in it, but that's better than slipping and falling into it.

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 Moe:  Strong neck,
           raveled ears.
 Joe:  Nice bow,
  chiseled good looks.  
Joe:  Hey, Moe!  The website's up!  What should we put on the home page?

Moe:  Hmmm...I don't know.  How about something that makes us sound witty and mature?

Joe:  You mean lie?  On the home page?

Moe:  No, no.  There will be minimal lying.  How about putting one of our adventures on this page?

Joe:  No, we should put that on a different page.

Moe:   What about the t-shirts and other cool stuff?

Joe:  Nah.  We'll put that on another page, too.  Wait, I know!  We'll post a "MonkeyMania Quote of the Week" on this page!  It would be a crime to withhold our vast knowledge from the masses!

Moe:  Yes!  Folks can gain incredible wisdom through it!  Good idea Joe!

Joe:  Hey, we're doing great.  So far we've got...........well, the MonkeyMania Quote of the Week. 

Moe:  When you say it out loud, it doesn't sound like much.  Hey, how about a cool little looped jam!

Joe:  Ooh!  With a cool little peanut butter and bread!

Moe:  What?  Get your mind off food--we're working on the site!  Besides, "looped jam" is a musical reference.

Joe:  Ah, say no more. 

Moe:  We can put it at the top.

Joe:  Consider it done.  Okay, that's enough, isn't it?

Moe:  Not really, but for some reason I'm hungry now.  Let's go make a brussels sprout and pickle sandwich.

Joe:  Yummy!  With a little looped jam!

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